Our team at Independence Excavating has been performing industrial site development for over 50 years for clients such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, LTV Steel, American Steel & Wire and Charter Steel. Our ability to perform many aspects of industrial construction allows Independence to better serve our customers. Our sister companies—Precision Environmental, Precision Pro-Cut and Indy Equipment—allow Independence to provide many additional construction services.

This multiple aspect capability means our customers can develop a new industrial construction project—from the initial site to complete foundations ready for steel erection or equipment installation—with the assistance of only one contractor, minimizing coordination and scheduling issues associated with multiple contractors. With the many services Independence offers, we can also provide one or multiple scopes of work on existing facilities or improvement projects, and react quickly to changes to the project.

Industrial Capabilities

  • Site Demolition
  • Selective Demolition
  • Concrete Crushing/Recycling
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Saw Cutting & Coring
  • Site Clearing/Preparation
  • Earthwork/Site Development
  • Building Excavation
  • Utility Installation
  • Concrete Foundations/Walls/Structures/Floors
  • Light Steel Fabrication
  • Paving/Curbing
  • Aggregate Material Supply
  • Municipal Material Supply
  • Equipment Rental and Sales


Thank you and your crews for their fine work in Lima, Ohio on the demolition of the Ineos Barex plant chemical facility.   The Lima Barex team went into this project with many safety concerns regarding the major demolition project inside a working plant and contacted multiple contractors to review their safety performance.  My team and I were concerned that a demolition company would not be accustomed to chemical plant hazards and practices and the special safety activities needed to avoid any hazardous chemical exposures from idled equipment, piping, and vessels as they are being demolished.  The nature of the elastomer and Acrylo polymerization process meant that our systems could not be guaranteed to be free of all organics and this required patience, care and frequent intrusive testing every day to avoid the potential for fire, explosions, and exposures.  Independence took all of our concerns and requirements for providing a safe workplace and put them into place in a seamless process working each day with our operators and supervisors assigned to the demolition project.   Independence delivered on their commitment to keep our surrounding plants and traffic working with only the slightest interruptions for safety reasons.   

Most importantly, the Independence Excavating team also took a lead along with Ineos to “stop work” when there was any safety concern and get everyone together to review the risks and address them.    Independence completed the project on budget and slightly ahead of schedule at the Lima site and handled work scopes that expanded to other small demolition projects which were awarded to Independence as the sole qualified contractor.  I would personally thank and recommend the Independence crew led by Doug Thomas, John Carroll, Nick Blubaugh, and the rest of their team for any future demolition work.  

-Michael Heitmeyer , Ineos Manufacturing Manager - Lima, Ohio

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