Cleveland Clinic East 89th St. Parking Structure

Michael G. Orlando, Project Manager

Independence Excavating has recently completed excavation of a 5 acre basement averaging 21 feet deep at the northwest corner of East 89th Street and Carnegie Avenue. Donley's, the design-build contractor, is constructing a 200,000 square foot underground service area within the excavation and a 4,000 car garage above grade. When complete in October 2008, the underground service area will provide support services for the new Heart Center that is also scheduled to begin operation in October, 2008.

The new garage will provide 2,000 spaces to replace existing surface and garage parking lost in construction of the new service building and 2,000 additional spaces necessary for the Heart Center workforce and patients. Independence Excavating has begun phase one excavation for a tunnel that will eventually connect the newly constructed service building and the Heart Center. The excavation, although only 45 feet wide by approximately 150 feet long, also requires support of 4 major live utilities and relocation of a live brick sewer. The excavation will extend up to 28 feet below the existing pavement of East 89th Street.

Just to make things interesting, we will also be installing a temporary bridge across the top of the excavation to provide truck access to an existing loading dock north of the proposed tunnel. On both projects, Independence Excavating is responsible for earth retention, dewatering, and backfill along with the excavation. Working with our subcontractors Richard Goettle, Inc, Lindsay Concrete Products, and Kelley Contract Dewatering, we provided design-build services for earth retention, pre-cast concrete sump pits and dewatering respectively.

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