Keeping Our Greatest Resource Safe

Our mission is to ensure the safety of all employees and to minimize accidents. We strive to accomplish these goals by identifying areas of risk, evaluating them for solutions, and controlling loss—through diligent training and compliance with OSHA and MSHA regulations.

We seek to reduce any adverse effects of unpredictable events, through careful analysis of each job and through management commitment and employee participation.

Our number one priority is the safety of our team. That means going the extra mile to ensure that our people get home to their families safely every night.
- Victor DiGeronimo Jr., Chief Executive Officer

At Independence Excavating, we believe that people are our number one resource. That's why we put such a priority on safety.

Many companies tout their safety record. While our record is impressive, it's the philosophy and culture behind it that ensures our people stay safe for years to come. Safety is a core part of our company values of excellence, integrity, honesty, and quality.

Safety Starts with the Right Training and Equipment

To achieve our goals at Independence Excavating, we provide ongoing safety training and education to all employees. That includes supplying them with all necessary equipment to protect themselves out in the field. Our safety team performs regular audits to monitor the effectiveness of training and determine when reinforcement is necessary.

Recognizing Our Safest Employees

We don't just promote safety - we reward it. Our recognition programs, such as Safety Pays and Pride and Professionalism, honor employees for their dedication to safe work practices. These programs continue to remind employees that safety is everyone's job.

Our Reputation for Safety is in the Numbers

We pride ourselves on being one of the safest trade specialty contractors in the business. Independence Excavating’s safety record speaks for itself.

Over the last 5 years, we have averaged 1,319,686 total worker hours per year

Our Experience Modification Rate, a key indicator of overall on-the-job safety and risk management, has averaged 0.60 over the last 5 years. Additionally, our DART Rate average over this same time period is .51, which is well below the industry average.

Proven Safety Record with Ability to Self Insure

Few companies in our industry can self insure their workers’ compensation. In October 2005, the State of Ohio granted Independence Excavating the ability to self-insure our workers’ compensation program. That attests to our outstanding safety record.

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"The professionalism and knowledge exhibited by Independence's Project Management staff, field supervision and craft personnel was evident from their initial mobilization to site. Independence's attention to safety and quality and the professional treatment of their employees and the Owner contributed to the successful completion of this work. In addition, Independence completed their work without a single lost time incident. The complex nature of this work required a Contractor who excelled in safety, the ability to plan and overall project execution. Ultimately, Independence completed their work safely, on schedule and with a high emphasis on fairness to the Owner."

-Aaron Hoff
Senior Project Manager, Black Hills Power Corporation