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A Repeat Performance: Sabey Intergate.Ashburn Data Center

Ashburn, Virginia

In 2012, Sabey Construction contracted Independence Excavating (IX) to begin an early site work package at the new 30-acre Inergate.Ashburn Data Center campus, located in Ashburn, Virginia. The package included stripping the site, preparing a pad for a new electrical substation, installation of four large temporary sediment basins, six sediment traps and partial storm system installation.

Fast-forward three years to 2015. Sabey Construction again contracted with IX to begin Phase I of their three-phase plan to build out the Intergate.Ashburn Data Center campus. The base contract included installation of site storm, sanitary, domestic water and reclaimed water systems, construction of one of three building pads and grading of the entire 30-acre site. Subsequent to the base contract, IX was also awarded a change order to install all Phase I curb/gutters, sidewalks and asphalt paving. In a separate contract, IX was awarded the excavation and backfill of the building’s footers and basement, much of which was in rock.

We are in the punch list phase of the project; site utilities are installed, final paving and sidewalks are completed and awaiting final sign-off by the county so meters can be set. Along the way, the project encountered many challenges, including a historic Mid-Atlantic snowfall early in earthwork operations, discovery of additional existing utility conflicts with proposed utilities and very stringent county utility standards. However, through teamwork with Sabey Construction and commitment from the crews on-site, the project is completing on schedule. We wish to thank Sabey Construction for the chance to work with them on this project and look forward to future opportunities to build upon this professional relationship.

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