Barex Facility Demolition Complete

Lima, Ohio

Independence Excavating Inc. was awarded a contract by INEOS Barex to demolish their Barex manufacturing facility in Lima, Ohio in October 2016. The project included demolition of several different areas on the 5.5 acres site that contained the various processes of the Barex manufacturing including a tank farm, a warehouse/finishing facility, a process facility and a waste water treatment plant area. All of these facilities yielded over 2,700 tons of structural and process steel for recycling.

The facility demolished was part of a larger active chemical plant. This created many opportunities that allowed IX to work closely with the INEOS staff, as well as other contractors at the plant, to coordinate our work as a part of the larger plant’s successful operations.

As we worked hand in hand with the INEOS Barex and Nitriles staff, continuous effort and attention was a primary factor in the success of this project. Working at an active chemical manufacturing plant, every detail is reviewed and documented to ensure safe planning and execution by every team member. IX team members met daily with INEOS plant and management personnel to plan intricate picks as well as every day operations, which made for a very positive atmosphere.

A primary component of the scope was the demolition of the process building connected to a pipe rack with a steam line and electrical service to remain. IX was able to protect the electrical service utilizing lumber shields and was able to drop the building away from the pipe rack completing the demolition without damage to the utilities to remain.

Another component of the scope was the salvaging of useable and remaining equipment for aftermarket use. This included 68 individual lots to 20 different customers. Each piece to be salvaged presented its own unique challenges and the IX crews did a superb job overcoming each challenge to salvage all of the items safely and effectively for the multiple customers.

Finally, while onsite, IX had the opportunity to complete additional site demolition projects throughout the INEOS plant. These items included demolition of the old contractor’s break room, the old nurse’s station, as well as other various process items and structures around the plant.

Overall, the project went very well. We were grateful for the opportunity to build a relationship with a new client, and are excited for our paths to cross again.

Thank you project team!

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