DiGeronimo Companies Honored with Legacy Conservation Award

Cleveland, Ohio

West Creek Conservancy honored the DiGeronimo Companies at their annual Up a Creek Conservation Gala on Saturday, August 17, 2019. Earlier this year, the DiGeronimo Companies donated their property, which was home to DiGeronimo Aggregates, one of the largest former strip mines in the state, and the longest-running business in the City of Independence. Derek Schafer from West Creek Conservancy stated: 

“Our legacy conservation partners are few and far between. We have recognized individuals, companies, and other organizations as such when we bring to fruition a unique conservation or restoration initiative that will have lasting impacts on generations to come. Working with the DiGeronimo Companies has done just that; enabling an opportunity to expand our National Park, and restore some very unique ecological resources. We are proud to work with DiGeronimo Companies and Vic Jr. to preserve such a unique property, and create an amazing public space.”

We are thrilled to be a community partner with West Creek Conservancy and look forward to the entire community being able to enjoy this space for generations to come.

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