Distribution Center Development for TJ Maxx in Lordstown, Ohio

Lordstown, Ohio

Rain, rain, FINALLY went away, but not before becoming one of the wettest seasons we’ve seen in recent years. This might have delayed our work, but it couldn’t stop Independence Excavating, Inc.(IX) from breaking ground on April 16, 2019, for a new 1,235,000 square-foot distribution center in Lordstown, Ohio. The site work includes 250,000 cubic yards of very wet topsoil stripping,1,800,000 cubic yards of clay, shale, and dense sandstone to be cut to fill on nearly 150 acres of former farm property.

To excavate and shape the massive site, we’ve employed the use of our vast fleet of excavators, PC1250, CAT 390, CAT 352, multiple CAT dozers from the D10 to D6, and a fleet of off-road articulated and rigid frame trucks, including the largest in our fleet, three CAT 777 offroad trucks. By late September, the first half of the building pad is scheduled to be turned over to the general contractor for the immediate start of building construction. IX will fall back to the other side of the site while continuing to bring that second part of the building pad to grade. Before turnover, IX must dynamically compact the fill with the help of our subcontractor, Beaver Excavating Company. Next, IX will cement stabilize the pad, and again, are expected to turn over the final half of the building pad by early December. We will continue to have plenty of work in the winter with nearly 26,000 linear feet of site utilities, a 1,300 linear-foot block retaining wall, and the installation of a new roadway and improvements on an adjacent roadway around the site.

There is still much work to be done and certainly more site challenges to face, but with the leadership of our team and the experience of our crew, our plan is the same — complete another successful project.

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