Brewster Substation Expansion

In November of 2019, Independence Excavating (IX) crews traveled to Brewster, Ohio to begin work on the expansion of an existing substation for a new electrical client. Work began with perimeter erosion control measures, and moved quickly to site grading to prepare the increased footprint. In order to provide the best value to the client, the work scope included all concrete pads, which IX crews self-performed, and drilled foundations, built together with a local drilling subcontractor. During this process, an unknown existing sewer lift station was discovered in conflict with new foundations. IX worked with the entire project team to help value engineer a cost-savings solution that helped keep work moving without having to go through costly redesign. In addition to this unknown obstacle, the project team discovered that the original substation lacked appropriate subsurface drainage, leading to groundwater issues as work progressed. IX reacted quickly to help install an underdrain system to control groundwater both in the existing portion of the substation as well as the newly constructed area.

As foundation work wrapped up, IX graded and placed aggregate on the newly expanded substation, and installed perimeter security fencing to complete the work package. Safety was of the utmost importance on this project, as portions of the work were performed inside the active substation near energized equipment. Through careful planning and execution, IX was able to complete the entire work scope on schedule.


Brewster, Ohio


Expansion of an existing substation.

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