City of McKeesport — West Shore Sanitary Sewer Construction

The Municipal Authority of the City of McKeesport awarded Independence Excavating (IX) the contract for the installation of over two miles of sanitary force main along the west shore of the Youghiogheny River in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

Upon mobilization, we began coordination with PennDOT to set up a project required detour to close several thousand feet of River Road. We also began coordination with the Regional Trail Authority (RTC) to assist in re-routing an active bike trail that crosses several areas of our work zone. In addition to PennDOT and RTC, coordination with CSX was a high priority as the majority of the scope ran parallel to an active set of railroad tracks where a section of the force main was bored and jacked.

While coordinating with all parties, the first of two IX pipe crews began installation of 6,575 linear feet of 30” ductile iron pipe. This section of the force main contained over 25 fittings, four air and vacuum release vaults, and ties into a 27’x17’x15’ precast meter vault that our crews set. In order to complete the 30” section of the force main several areas had to be bored and jacked under roads, bridge abutments, and railroad tracks. All of these jack and bores were 48” diameter casing pipe and totaled over 550 linear feet.

The second of two crews began installation of 4,906 linear feet of 36” ductile iron pipe. In this section of the force main, IX crews installed 24 fittings and three air and vacuum release vaults. The majority of this portion of the project was completed in a closed area of River Road and ran through the property of several McKeesport area businesses, which required careful coordination to ensure that the effect to their daily operations was minimized.

To round out the project we performed various restoration items including over 40,000 tons of premium backfill for 15,000 square yards of state highway paving, multiple asphalt and concrete driveway repairs, and installation of new sections of sidewalk.


McKeesport, Pennsylvania


Installation of over two miles of sanitary force main along the west shore of the Youghiogheny River in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

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