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ArcelorMittal — Cleveland E.A.F. Demolition Project

Independence Excavating received a contract to raze various structures from ArcelorMittal at their Cleveland Works Plant in June of 2008. The removal was completed on time without any incidents in October of 2008.

The project consisted of razing the following structures:

  • C-1 Blast Furnace Water Treatment Plant
  • C-1 Blast Furnace Slag Pit
  • No.1 Steel Producing Outdoor Scrap Craneway
  • Electric Arc Furnace Shop
  • Electric Arc Furnace Precipitator Building
  • Electric Arc Furnace Bag House and Overhead Duct Work
  • 3rd Street Gate House
  • 3rd Street Dispensary Building
  • Building 11A — Open Hearth Wash House/ Computer Building
  • Seven (7) Brick and Steel Open Hearth Exhaust Stacks

The Results

In total, Independence Excavating generated roughly 10,000 tons of recyclable ferrous steel and 84,000 lbs. of nonferrous metals. Our sister company, Precision Environmental Co. performed the environmental abatement. We teamed with another demo contractor to complete this project and used a composite crew to remove all structures. The most exciting drop was the setting-up and collapse of the Electric Arc Furnace Shop Roof.


Cleveland, Ohio


Several buildings and structures removed at Cleveland Works Plant generating 10,000 tons of recyclable ferrous steel and 84,000 lbs. of nonferrous metals.

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