CONSOL Energy Mannington Pipeline

Independence Excavating teamed with Mascaro Construction to perform a project to install approximately 15 miles of fused High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline through the hills for collecting and treating mine water. The project ran over the winter months on an aggressive schedule in order to connect the pump stations that were constructed by Mascaro Construction.

One of the challenges of this project was the terrain that the pipeline crossed. The project stretched over an 11-mile right-of-way over 19 ridges. The route included borings, streams and highway crossings. The pathway was up and down steep slopes as well as rock faces, through wet areas and around numerous high voltage transmission lines and other utilities. With these challenges came the logistics of supplying and maintaining resources in remote locations along the pipeline while keeping the crews on schedule. We maintained two crews at each end of the project working toward the center through the winter months in the rough terrain.

This project resulted in ultimately improving the environment of Northern West Virginia by managing the water from the mines.


Mannington, West Virginia


Installation of approximately 15 miles of pipeline among three pump stations through the hills of Northern West Virginia.

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