Hollow Rock Landfill Facility

In early April 2008, First Energy, in conjunction with engineering support from URS Corporation awarded Independence Excavating the construction of a new residual waste landfill at the Sammis Plant in Stratton, Ohio.

The scope of work included clearing and grubbing of 36 acres, construction and maintenance of the storm water preventative pollution plan for the site, mass excavation and stockpiling of approximately 900,000 cubic yards of mine spoil, placement of approximately 100,000 cubic yards of structural fill, construction of a recompacted soil layer (RSL) test pad and approximately 50,000 cubic yards of RSL, purchase and installation of approximately 900,000 sf of geosynthetic clay liner, HDPE liner and geo-composite drainage layer, installation of 2 leachate collections systems including, purchase, and installation of over 60,000 tons of protective cover soil. Work also included construction of a permanent sedimentation pond, construction of temporary and permanent haul roads, a leachate force main, electrical distribution from the leachate force-main pumps to a leachate storage pond, fencing, gates and seeding.

The Results

Daily interaction with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Knox County Health Department highlights our ability to work day to day and in conjunction with regulatory agencies.


Stratton, Ohio


Construction of new residual waste landfill in Stratton, Ohio.

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