Expanding ISG/Mittal Steel’s Vista Pointe Landfill

ISG/Mittal Steel of Cleveland, Ohio turned to Independence Excavating to help them expand Vista Pointe Landfill, an industrial waste landfill for nonrecyclable steel byproducts. Independence Excavating provided construction services for over 20 acres of new landfill cells, including 300,000 cubic yards of structural fill and 25,000 cubic yards of low permeability clay. Independence Excavating also installed all geosynthetics, the leachate collection system and leachate tanks, and constructed new roads and storm sewers throughout the landfill.

Independence Excavating used existing recycled C-fine and slag material for all subgrade soils. A pre-approved Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) source provided some of the low permeability clay to the site. In addition, Independence Excavating used directional boring for a portion of the leachate line construction.

“ As project manager for the Vista Point project, I appreciate Independence Excavating’s heads up project management style. They have given me accurate projections on budget and schedule throughout the project. Also for project management the detailed invoice backup is essential for today’s business environment. IX did a superb job with the detailed survey work. Good equipment availability and depth of equipment inventory meant that we were never slowed down for lack of equipment.” -Michael Ritz, Mittal Steel – Cleveland

The Results

Thanks to a number of cost-saving measures, Independence Excavating finished the project under budget. An ISG/Mittal engineer, the OEPA and other outside engineers carefully supervised the entire project. Independence Excavating finished the work on time and under budget.


Cleveland, Ohio


Expansion of industrial waste landfill used for nonrecyclable steel byproducts. Over 20 acres of new landfill cells created through 300,000 cubic yards of structural fill and 25,000 cubic yards of low permeability clay.

Services Performed


Partnerships with outside engineers made this landfill construction a success.