MTV Blue Ridge

Independence Excavating (IX) was contracted by Hoffman Construction Co. to perform the complete site work and utility package for the MTV Blue Ridge project which was part of a $3 Billion expansion of Micron Corporation’s existing semiconductor fabrication facilitates.

The intent of the project was to construct a brand new fabrication building (FAB), central utility plant (CUP), substation, and nitrogen plant (N2 Plant) which aimed to support the growing global demand for semiconductors.

Our scope of work included performing a 30’ deep building excavation and export of more than 120,000 CY of soil and rock for the FAB and CUP. Our scope of work included all under slab conduit and plumbing excavation/encasement/backfill, exterior wet and dry utilities, self-performed 800 LF of gas line, installation of a 10,000 SF underground concrete storm detention system, multiple stone gravity retaining walls, soil stabilization, demolition of Micron’s existing gantry building, furnished and installed a 25,000-gallon fire water tank utilizing a slide rail shoring system, installation of a 40’ tall precast lift station, extensive E&S measures, all site concrete and asphalt paving, installed underground structural foundations to support an overhead trestle, excavation and backfill for three (3) tower crane foundations, precast light pole bases, permanent site fencing, guard rail, maintenance of traffic, installation of a 5’ tall concrete planter bed, & excavation/backfill of a 30’ deep tunnel connecting the new FAB & CUP.

Hoffman installed three (3) tower cranes in strategic locations around the site to efficiently move materials far distances across site and were used to erect steel, siding, lift equipment, move rebar, pour concrete, and more. IX assisted Hoffman in erecting the tower cranes by excavating and backfilling each crane’s foundation. Hoffman also installed a temporary automatic man lift on the face of the FAB to give quick access to all levels of the FAB during construction with assistance from IX.

The new FAB and CUP were being constructed directly next to Micron’s existing FAB and CUP which stayed operational during the course of the project. Micron’s existing FAB is vibration sensitive; therefore, the MTV Blue Ridge specifications restricted traditional methods of rock excavation that cause excessive vibrations. These strict specifications prevented mass blasting and limited hammering of in-situ rock. IX addressed this unusual challenge by utilizing its PC1250 Komatsu excavator to rip the in-situ rock instead of blasting or hammering. By ripping rock, IX was able to greatly reduce the vibrational impact allowing Micron’s existing FAB to operate unimpeded. 

The site logistics were challenging as there was a multitude of other trades on-site causing congestion. IX’s materials such as pipe, precast, and stone required on-time delivery because there was no laydown space on-site. The schedule provided no room for late deliveries. All deliveries needed to be closely planned and materials installed immediately upon arrival.

Our team successfully completed this project on time and within budget. We are proud to have been on this project team benefiting the Northern Virginia economy and “one of the largest manufacturing investments in the history of the Commonwealth” as stated by Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam.