NEXUS Data Center

The project site is located on approximately 35 acres of undisturbed land and is being developed to accommodate two data center buildings.  The site work will include dirt and rock cuts and site fills.  All excess fill material will be stockpiled on the site for future use.  Roadway modifications to Pacific Blvd. including pavement and concrete demolition, turn lane construction for the main entrance into the data center and median modifications.  The utility work will include installation of of storm sewer, sanitary sewer and waterline.  The scope of work also includes the site asphalt, site concrete, concrete pavement, curb and gutter, trenching, installation, encasement and backfill of the site fiber and electrical conduit and vaults, furnishing/installing laydown stone and mechanical yard stone.  

Additional scope items include site clearing/grubbing, topsoil stripping, removal of existing transite sanitary sewer, E&S installation, maintenance and removal and miscellaneous concrete and pavement demolition and removal.


Sterling, Virginia


Complete site development for two data centers buildings.

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