Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Stickney Creek

This project was performed to protect the District’s Ridge Road inter-community sewer which had become exposed due to erosion caused by Stickney Creek, part of the regional storm water system. The project was approximately 750 feet in length and was located east of Ridge Road between Biddoulph Road and West 66th Street in the City of Brooklyn, Ohio. Severe erosion of the creek bed and banks exposed approximately 175’ of the 66” brick sewer which had the potential to allow combined sewer to discharge into Stickney Creek during high inflows. It was the District’s intent to alleviate the threat to the sewer as well as rehabilitate and stabilize the Creek and improve natural stream functions. NEORSD determined the best way to re-construct the sewer and stabilize Stickney Creek was to employ a progressive design-build approach. Weekly meetings during the pre-construction services period allowed our team to listen, provide economical technical feedback and IGMP estimates at the 30% and 60% design stages to validate the owners budget for the project. The deteriorated 66” brick sewer required complete replacement, and with our input we were able to lower project budgeted costs by having our engineering consultant design 72” diameter RCP precast bends in the sewer run in lieu of a junction chamber or large manhole. Where access to the 72” sewer was required, they designed an in-line precast tee in lieu of a manhole. Additional cost savings were realized because all of these precast elements were pre-fabricated off-site and delivered to the site when needed, eliminating the need for additional staging area required of cast in place elements and not delaying the sewer installation. This unique project delivery system had the complete support and buy-in from NEORSD and our team that delivered the project under the GMP and ahead of schedule.


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