ODOT Opportunity Corridor - Phase 3

ODOT partnered with local agencies to conceptualize a new low-speed divided boulevard that will provide direct access from the I-490/I-77 interchange up to University Circle. Appropriately named, Opportunity Corridor, the new boulevard will act not only as a corridor for transportation, with vehicular, bike, and pedestrian pathways but also provide opportunities for economic development to a community that has lacked economic activity in recent years.

Independence Excavating (IX) is proud to be a member of Kokosing Construction’s (KCC) Design-Build Team (DBT) in the design and construction of the third and final section of Opportunity Corridor Section 3 (OC3). OC3, will extend I-490, from I-77 up to E93rd and Woodland Ave., connecting to the recently opened second phase of OC. OC3, spans 1.8 miles, requiring reconstruction of many existing intersections from E. 55th to E. 93rd, with new bridges and many retaining walls to preserve existing infrastructure.

The transformation of the intersection where I-490 ends at E. 55th will be the most dramatic. A bridge will be constructed allowing OC traffic to pass under E. 55th. Before bridge construction could begin, I-490 was closed, E. 55th traffic was diverted around the area and all major existing utilities within E. 55th were relocated by IX.

IX was awarded a $28 million earthwork and utility package, with a scope of work that includes environmental remediation of 5,500 tons of RCRA soil; building and site demolition; 450,000 CY of excavation; subgrade stabilization; 20,000 FT of drainage; 6,000 FT of sanitary sewer and 7,000 FT of water line, maintaining existing utilities and reconstructing major NEORSD infrastructure. Utility construction involves various methods including soldier beam & lagging, sheet piling, bore & jacking, conventional trench boxes, and slide rail systems.

As a dedicated partner from the bid process through current construction, IX continues to provide design assistance and guidance to the DBT and ODOT on the most economic solutions, all while active in construction and helping deliver a project safe and on schedule.

As part of the concept to provide Opportunities to the local community, IX and Kokosing have committed hours of on-the-job training to individuals from area neighborhoods.

This project also provided an opportunity for IX to partner with new, local and small businesses in the region.