Starpointe Development

The 145 acre project site was a former strip mine, originally stripped of its coal in the 1940s. After a typical upfront erosion and sediment control measures, crews installed approximately 15,000 linear feet of toe key, installed toe rock drains, and stripped topsoil and the site was completely prepared for manpower and equipment to move 2.5 million cubic yards of earth. To move this quantity in a single shift and in one season required a tremendous amount of resources, including 4 separate earthwork spreads. Peak shifts recorded over 40,000 CY of earth moved and placed per the specifications.

The mass earth was completely moved by the end of August 2012, at which point we began the installation of surface storm sewer, site grading and seeding. All work was completed by the end of November 2012 and turned over to the Owner and developer.


Burgettstown, Pennsylvania


Mass site development project including 2.5 million cubic yards of earthwork for future business park.

Services Performed

Project Management

Managing complex projects calls for expert engineering.


Large-scale jobs require a financially stable partner.