Mittal Steel

Independence Excavating is contracted by Stein, Inc. to process the air cooled blast furnace slag that is generated during the steel making process.  It is loaded inside the steel mill and trucked to our 15 acre site that is adjacent to the steel mill.

The slag is then loaded into our plant where metallic content is removed and the slag is crushed and separated into various materials to be sold to the construction industry.

Finished products are sold via the local truck market and also loaded onto barges on the Cuyahoga River with direct access to the Great Lakes. The plant is capable of producing approximately 4 to 5 thousand tons per day and up to 5 different types of material simultaneously. The plant currently produces in excess of 750,000 tons of finished material.


Cleveland, Ohio


Air cooled blast furnace slag processed producing 800,000 tons crushed annually.

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