Planning on Experience and Technology

We face unforseen challenges such as adverse weather, contaminated soil, weak soil and shifting requirements in large-scale earthwork and heavy construction. That's why part of our project management strategy is planning for the unknown. Independence Excavating has the experience and state-of-the-art technology to successfully handle the most challenging conditions.

Since 1956, Independence Excavating has managed some of the largest and most challenging excavation and construction projects in Cleveland history. Talented people, including seasoned project managers and superintendents, drive our success. We know how to work with project owners, construction management firms and ground contractors to stay on schedule and move the project forward.

Thanks to the latest technology, Independence Excavating sets a fast pace on the ground.  GPS and software programs such as HCSS Heavy Bid, HCSS Heavy Job, and Primavera Project Planner help us efficiently manage people and production on the job.

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