Equipped for Success

Equipped for Success

We boast an unparalleled fleet of cutting-edge construction equipment that not only distinguishes us from competitors but equips us to conquer the most challenging projects with finesse. Through vigilant management of equipment quality and utilization, we excel in undertaking large-scale heavy civil construction and demolition projects that surpass the capabilities of other companies.

Our unwavering commitment is exemplified by the impressive average age of our equipment.  Our 153 excavators, mostly under 5 years of age, range from 5,000 - 300,000 lbs., showcases our dedication to modernity. Similarly, our fleet of 45 dozers, predominantly consisting of CAT and John Deere models ranging from D3 to D11, is characterized by its youthful vigor. The 25 haul trucks in our arsenal boasts an age of less than seven years. This commitment to a dynamic fleet is further reinforced by our strategic approach to planned acquisitions and sales.

Our maintenance program ensures our equipment fleet is available to finish your project on schedule. With three heavy shop facilities, totaling over 100,000 square feet, we have the resources to properly service and maintain, as well as conduct rebuilds on all major construction equipment.

Greater Accuracy with GPS

Precision is paramount in our operations and we've invested significantly in machine control technologies. Leveraging GPS machine control with the capacity to utilize 3-D models, our bulldozer, motor-grader, and excavator operators work within an astonishing 1/2 inch tolerance. Complementing this technology, we employ robotic total station technology, achieving an impressive 1/4 inch tolerance when paired with select bulldozers and motor-graders. Our adoption of total station machine control with a concrete slip-form paver further attests to our commitment to cutting-edge technologies.

Having introduced our first GPS system in 2003, today, all our bulldozers are factory-equipped or modified to include machine control systems.

With over 40 machine control equipment systems, including 35 GPS bulldozer systems, 4 GPS motor-grader systems, 2 GPS excavator systems, and up to 21 total station systems, we are at the forefront of technological integration. Additionally, we utilize 27 GPS reference stations and 27 GPS rovers, establishing a robust network.

Our field managers play a pivotal role in enhancing production through the widespread adoption of machine control technology on the majority of our dozers, graders, and excavators, solidifying our position as one of the leading machine control-based excavators in the region.

Software Solutions for Enhanced Management

State-of-the-art software ensures we stay organized and connected throughout the duration of a project. We build estimates with HCSS Heavy Bid, plan job schedules with Primavera Project Planner, and manage documentation and submittals with Spectrum Construction Software. HCSS Heavy Job provides us with dashboard capability to view the daily production progress and allows our field managers to report daily production and resource metrics.

“Independence completed several demolition jobs for American Electric Power in order to make way for new construction as part of an environmental upgrade project. These demolition tasks were not easy, and if safety & health were not controlled, injuries could have occurred. I.E. safety was on site conducting safety inspections, OSHA training, and monitoring the lead abatement process. The safety professionals that I worked with were knowledgeable and very cooperative in conforming to American Electric Power safety & health requirements.”

-Jarrett Quoyle, M.S., OHST
American Electric Power