FirstEnergy was in need of a safe and complete demolition of the former coal fired power plant located between the Ohio River and State Route 7.  Independence Excavating joined with Precision Environmental and Bet-Tech Construction Company to complete the large demolition and abatement in a safe and timely manner. 

Precision Environmental began work by removing and recycling large amounts of asbestos containing material.  Precision Environmental also disposed of ballasts containing PCB’s, mercury switches and other hazardous and non-hazardous oils and chemicals.

Independence Excavating took on the structural demolition of 
the following structures:
• Eight (8) Large Capacity Steam Boilers
• Outdoor Switch Yard 
• Coal Handling Equipment 
(Conveyors and In-River Coal Unloader)
• Coal Tunnels
• Five (5) Electrical Turbines and Condensers – 541 MW total
• Implosion of a 854’ Tall Concrete Exhaust Stack
• Three (3) In-River Pump Houses

Independence Excavating produced the following estimated quantities:
• 34,000 GT of Ferrous Metal

Final phases includes on –site concrete processing to be re-used as fill.  Importing clean fill dirt and topsoil for seeding and site restoration. 


Shadyside, Ohio


Hazardous material abatement and remediation with structural demolition of the former FirstEnergy R.E. Burger Power Plant.

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