Cleveland State University — University Center Demolition

Independence Excavating was awarded the demolition contract in early 2008 in order to make way for a brand new $55 million dollar Student Center which celebrated its grand opening in Summer 2010.

Asbestos abatement work, handled by sister company Precision Environmental Co., began in April 2008, with a variety of salvage and interior demolition work proceeding as areas were cleared. In addition to the work inside the building, there were (2) pedestrian bridges over East 22nd Street to be demolished and (2) 30-ton HVAC units valued at $250,000 each, to be salvaged from the building's rooftops for future re-use.

Demolition of the nearly 15,000 CY of heavily reinforced concrete in the 5-story building shell was completed by our CAT 245 excavator using a Hi-Reach boom and pulverizer attachment, along with several other large excavators and additional smaller equipment. As part of our demolition package we also brought down a 6-story 400-ton steel and glass atrium. After the buildings were brought down to grade, everything was then processed and hauled offsite so that the existing foundations could be removed to allow for construction of the new building. In addition to the demolition work, there was over 15,000 CY of on site cut/fill, layback and backfill completed for the site to be brought to the new grades and shoring installed for the next package of work. Since the completion of our work, a myriad of other contractors and trades have combined to build the new, state-of-the-art Student Center that is now filled with CSU students.

The Results

An important goal of the project was to salvage or recycle more than 75% of all waste and debris generated by the work to be in compliance with the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED's program and minimize waste sent to landfills. Each and every load leaving the project was tracked, and we are proud to say that we were able to salvage or recycle more than 90% of all waste.


Cleveland, Ohio


Demolition of 5-story reinforced concrete building and 6-story glass atrium to make way for $55 million dollar student center.

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