Co-Op Program

Mission Statement

To enhance students' educational experience with real-world work experience through educationally related work and learning opportunities.

By combining theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development on the job, we hope to contribute to the development of personal and professional maturity and ethics.

At its completion, it is our hope that the evolving relationship between student and company leads to a permanent / full-time working status.

Benefits of Program for Students

  • Develop necessary skills and knowledge applicable to student's interest in the field of Construction.
  • Explore, through on-the-job experience, the career options related to their course work as well as verifying their interest in this career of choice.
  • Skills and working knowledge gained from the Co-Op eventually enhancing formal education once students return to school
  • Building a relationship with the Company in which hard work, dedication, and knowledge leads to a full-time position following college graduation.

Requirements and Eligibility

  • Applicants must be college students pursuing an associates or bachelors degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, or a related field.
  • Students must be currently enrolled in a two or four year university, with the possibility of entering into a Co-Op for at least two terms preferred.
  • Strongly encouraged that students looking to Co-Op with Independence Excavating plan to do so for at least two terms.
  • Independence Excavating has a GPA requirement of 2.8/4.0 scale.
  • Co-Ops at IX are required to work full-time, 40 + hour weeks, preferably when the student is taking a quarter/semester off of school.
  • Co-Ops are also required to be available for work involving travel outside of the state of Ohio for time periods stretching from a few weeks to the length of their entire Co-Op with IX. Any housing expense would be covered in full by the Company.
  • The opportunity to be selected for a co-op position is largely determined by the qualifications presented in the resume and the image projected in the interview.

Yearly Recruitment & Placement Schedule

Fall Co-Op: Last Wk. August/Early September—Early December

  • Interview Phase: March 15th — June 15th
  • Final Selections: Week of June 15th

Winter Co-Op (Q)/ Spring Co-Op (S): Early January- March (Q)/May (S)

  • Interview Phase: August 15th — September 15th
  • Final Selections: Week of September 15th

Spring Co-Op (Q): Late March — Mid June

  • Interview Phase: November 15th — January 30th
  • Final Selections: Week of January 30th

Summer Co-Op: Early May (S)/ Mid June (Q) — Late Aug. (S)/ Mid Sept. (Q)

  • Interview Phase: November 15th — February 15th
  • Final Selections: Week of February 15th

Quarters (Q): Ohio State, Ohio University, Cincinnati
Semesters (S): Toledo, Akron, Bowling Green, Purdue, Penn State, Pitt, Iowa State, Texas A&M

Co-Op Positions

Project Engineer

  • Assist in project management and bid preparation
  • Prepare RFI's, submittals, payment requisitions, change order requests
  • Perform quantity takeoff (material, subs, & self performed work)
  • Solicit quotes from suppliers and subcontractors
  • Assist PM in evaluating job costs
  • Assist in developing and maintaining P3 schedules
  • Attend Project Meetings and organizing /tracking any issues discussed.
  • Assist PM in monitoring and tracking invoices
  • Coordination of material and supply delivery to jobsites
  • Tracking and maintaining project correspondence and documents.

Field Engineer

  • 1 & 2 week look ahead schedules to verify all resources are available
  • Perform takeoff for ordering materials
  • Coordinate suppliers to schedule deliveries
  • Calculate daily costs based on time sheet & work performed
  • Compile extra work orders with necessary backup
  • Complete time sheets & daily reports

Survey / GPS / Site — Layout Crew Member

  • Work with AutoCAD to develop coordinates
  • Set up GPS system to run equipment
  • Perform layout with surveying crew

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick the type of position I would fill as a Co-Op with IX?
Although we look for a student to fill the position that works best with their personality and skills, our positions are heavily based on project necessity and often can not be determined until shortly before one starts with IX.
If my first Co-Op is that of assisting in the Survey / GPS / Site — Layout Crew, is it possible that I would fill the same position on a second or third Co-Op with the Company?
Highly unlikely. We work to expose the Co-Op student with as many different roles in the Company as possibly. Both IX and the student can then get a better sense of his/her overall strengths and best fit.
Is any consideration given in my placement as a co-op to my strengths or goals as to where I see my future in construction?
Yes, we try to place you in a "best fit" for all involved. Not everyone is a "Field" or "Office" person. Although our program is designed to give a co-op a well rounded view of our company, we will strive to place you into a position that best reflects where you will be the most comfortable and productive.
Does the Company provide Housing?
Should the out-of-town student require housing during his/her Co-Op, IX would provide a monthly stipend to cover basic living expenses.

Contact Human Resources for more information.

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