Pensacola International Airport Remain Overnight Apron

Independence Excavating was contracted by the City of Pensacola to construct a new helipad, reconstruction of the existing asphalt apron into a Portland cement concrete apron, and implementation of associated lighting improvements. Independence Excavating served as the Prime Contractor for the project and self-performed all concrete batching, installation, and quality control associated with the new concrete pavement assuring that all FAA specifications were met. The scope of work consisted of the installation of a new reinforced concrete Helipad consisting of 1,400 SY of 6” thick P-304 Cement treated concrete base, and 3,900 SY of 11” thick P-501 PCC Pavement.

Independence also constructed a new Southwest RON Apron that involved removing 14,800 SY of existing bituminous pavement, removal of existing drainage and electrical components, 8,500 CY of unclassified excavation, 16,100 SY of 6” P-304 cement treated base course, and 14,500 SY of 15.5” thick P-501 PCC Pavement. The project also included 450 LF of 36” and larger RCP pipe, new electrical, and new sod and pavement markings. This work was successfully completed within the allotted contract time.